Sri Baduga Maharaja, the Greatest King of Pakuan Padjadjaran

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Cianjur, Bewara Pakuan – When we talk about the Kings of Padjadjaran, then our eyes will be on Prabu Dewataprana Sri Baduga Maharaja or Prabu Siliwangi who lived from 1401-1521 AD.

Sri Baduga Maharaja or Jayadewata born in 1401 AD is the son of King Dewa Niskala son of Maha Prabu Niskala Wastu Kancana who was born in Kawali, Ciamis now

In the Batutulis inscription, Jayadewata was crowned twice from two different kingdoms but brothers in the Sundanese.

The first achievement was when Jayadewata received the throne of the Galuh Kingdom in Kawali Ciamis now from his father Prabu Dewa Niskala, son of Maha Prabu Niskala Wastu Kancana from Empress Mayangsari, daughter of Prabu Bunisora ‚Äč‚ÄčSuradipati, who later had the title Prabu Guru Dewataprana.

The second coronation was when Jayadewata received the throne of the Sunda Kingdom in Pakuan Bogor from his father-in-law as well as his uncle, Prabu Susuktunggal son of Maha Prabu Niskala Wastu Kancana from Empress Ratna Sarkati, daughter of Resi Susuk Lampung.

With this coronation event, Jayadewata became the sole ruler of the Sunda Kingdom and the Galuh Kingdom and was crowned with the title Sri Baduga Maharaja Ratu Haji in Pakuan Pajajaran Sri Sang Ratu Dewata.

In the future, the combination of two major kingdoms in Tatar Sunda, namely the Sunda kingdom in the West and the Galuh Kingdom in the east with the Citarum River boundary during the Sri Baduga Maharaja period became known as the Padjadjaran Kingdom.

Sri Baduga Maharaja then moved his center of power from Kawali to Pakuan, or now from Ciamis to Bogor.

So, once again and for the last time, after 149 years of silence, the Sundanese people witnessed again the convoy of the king’s entourage moving from east to west.

The period of the Padjadjaran Kingdom with its capital Pakuan was started by the government of Prabu Jayadewata who had the title Sri Baduga Maharaja who ruled for 39 years from 1482-1521 AD.

During the reign of Sri Baduga Maharaja, Padjadjaran reached the peak of its development and glory, where according to Portuguese sources, Padjadjaran had a strength of 100,000 soldiers.

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